'Kimi No Na Wa' Director Hailed As 'The New Miyazaki' Plans Next Anime Film Before 2019?

19 October 2016, 7:10 am EDT By J Rose Mobile & Apps

Hot off the heels of his critically acclaimed anime film "Kimi no Na wa," director Makoto Shinkai is now being heralded as "The New Miyazaki," and has voiced out his plans about doing another film soon.

Judging by the runaway success of his latest work, also known as "Your Name.", it's not surprising that fans are eagerly awaiting for Shinkai's next masterpiece. Fortunately, the director has given a few hints on what his next anime film will be like, according to RocketNews24.

Speaking to reporters during the screening of "Kimi no Na wa" at South Korea's Busan International Film Festival, Shinkai said that he is planning to make another film about an adolescent boy and girl, much like "Kimi no Na wa" and his other works, "The Garden of Words" ("Kotonoha no Niwa") and "5 Centimeters Per Second."

Shinkai also said that he is aiming to make the movie within the next three years, and would also like he same company, Toho, to distribute his next title. The director, however, did not clarify if these next three years would only be involving production, or if the movie will be out by then.

"Kimi no Na wa" is now the highest grossing anime film that is not made by renowned animation company Studio Ghibli, earning over 10 billion yen is sales, a feat that was accomplished only by other Ghibli masterpieces under director Hayao Miyazaki like "The Wind Rises," "Spirited Away," Howl's Moving Castle," Princess Mononoke" and "Ponyo," according to Anime News Network.

Incidentally, back in 2005, Shinkai was hailed as "The New Miyazaki" during an interview with Active Anime. The "Kimi no Na wa" director called the comparison an" overestimation,"being a self-confessed Miyazaki fan himself.

"I myself am very influenced by Hayao Miyazaki, but his works have an incomparable richness that is not the same 'animation' as my animation," Shinkai said during that time. "I certainly won't create such wonderful works in my future. However, I would like to deliver works that have a different place with audiences than the place of Hayao Miyazaki's films."

"Kimi no Na wa" is still number one in Japan, and is set to be released in 85 regions outside Japan soon, according to Otaku Tale.

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