'FIFA 17' Free PC Exclusive Cheats For Easier Wins

18 October 2016, 8:20 am EDT By C. de Lacy Mobile & Apps

Looking for cheats, tips and tricks for "FIFA 17" is highly justifiable. The game is so huge that the experience may start to become a drag at some point. Luckily, players have the options of using an actual cheat and not just a random tip that they'll eventually figure out on their own in due time and here's one.

Before, we've shared a cheat, exclusively for PC players and while it had so much to offer, unfortunately, it was a premium trainer. This means that the app needs to be purchased first. There's no problem with some people about this, but some players wouldn't dish out some cash or just can't.

Here's where LetsFut's cheat comes into place. While it is also a PC exclusive cheating app, its is free and anybody can download it. In order to download the trainer, users can click this link.

For those that will get the cheat app now, once the download has finished and the cheat app was launched, it may prompt to update to the game's latest version, which was just rolled out on October 14. Users can simply click "Yes" to do so.

The trainer has four cheats, which can be very useful. The first one is Home win by a random score. This cheat will let the players win with a random score value. The second cheat is the other way around.

The third cheat is to finish the match or force disconnect and finally, the last key is for turning all of the cheats actives off and resetting the score.

These cheats are triggered by F1, F2, F3, F4 respectively and can also be remapped by clicking "Set Keys" depending on the user's preference.

These cheats have been tested on multiplayer online sessions, but we highly advised to use it sparingly or not at all especially when playing with strangers. This could lead to getting reported and ultimately being banned from "FIFA 17." Use the cheat only when extremely necessary.

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