'StarCraft II' BlizzCon, Patch Update: D.Va Is Going To Be Added Ways We Didn't Imagine

19 October 2016, 7:38 am EDT By C. de Lacy Mobile & Apps

Despite the age, "StarCraft II" is still a game worth checking out with the fanbase just as alive as if the game was released just last month. Blizzard adding D. Va to the game is part of the perks of attending BlizzCon.

D.Va is just a part of the other six announcers that will be made available on Patch 3.7 as announced by Battle.NET, but those that would be attending the BlizzCon event will be getting the new D.Va announcer as well as the portrait.

D.Va will be the first announcer in the game that is not directly to "StarCraft" at all, and fans can are excited as to which characters will be also making their way into the game.

Based from how Battle.NET puts it, D.Va became popular with her activities with the Overwatch organization, but she was just as active in the eSports scene that she became the number one player in the world and left undefeated for three straight years.

Patch 3.7 will allow players to also show their selected portraits instead of the clan logo on their town halls.

For those who want to hear a few bits and samples of how D.Va will sound like once she's assigned as the in-game announcer, StarCraft II fans can head over to this link.

For those that wouldn't be able to attend BlizzCon and do not have access to Virtual Tickets, the D.Va announcer along with some additional ones will be made available for purchase, but on a later date. However, the portrait will be exclusive for BlizzCon attendees only as well as those who have the Virtual Ticket.

BlizzCon is going to be held this November 4 - 5 at Anaheim, CA.

Stay tuned for more updates and news on "StarCraft II" and the BlizzCon event.

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