'Destiny: Rise Of Iron' Guide: Wrath Of The Machine Hard Mode

19 October 2016, 7:47 am EDT By J Rose Mobile & Apps

Bungie has just released one of the hardest PvE challenges in "Destiny: Rise of Iron" right now, Wrath of the Machine Heroic Mode.

Some people already stepped up to the challenge and completed the new raid, and you can do it too. Most players will be familiar with how the boss fights go in Wrath of the Machine, so here we will discuss what has changed from the normal mode of the raid.

SIVA Cache Chests On Hard Mode

There are two SIVA Cache chests on Hard Mode, according to this Reddit post, one normal cache and another heroic cache. Obviously, the heroic cache holds better loot. Make sure you maximize your precious SIVA Cache Keys by using them only on the heroic caches.

Archpriest Vosik: Hard Mode

There are no notable changes during the first encounter, apart from the increase in damage and health for Vosik and adds. The second encounter, however, had a few deviances from normal mode:

-Six orbs need to be thrown instead of three, so all must throw a SIVA charge.

-There are two large monitors that will activate after each SIVA Charge round instead of the smaller ones.

-The monitors have more health.

-Safe rooms have half closed doors so you would need to crouch in order to go through.

Death Zamboni: Hard Mode

Apart from higher stats, there are no other notable changes in the Siege Engine boss battle. However, according to VG 24/7, a Fallen Walker will drop in front of the ramp on the way to the Siege Engine during the carry phase. While it's not necessary to kill it, you would have to immobilize it by breaking one of its legs so you can move parts past it safely.

Aksis, Archon Prime: Hard Mode

The first phase of the Aksis boss fight has three SIVA turrets, with one designated per arena. These turrets regenerate every 20 minutes and deal a lot of damage.

Phase two features nine Servitors in every charge phase. Nine SIVA charges should be thrown at Aksis compared to only three in normal mode.

For a visual guide, check out the video by My name is Byf below:

Stay tuned for more "Destiny: Rise of Iron" tips and tricks.

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