'Street Fighter 5' Christmas DLC Wishlist: Snowman Urien, Bison As The Grinch, More

19 October 2016, 8:20 am EDT By J Rose Mobile & Apps

Capcom's popular fighting game "Street Fighter V" has recently received a cool Halloween-themed DLC this month to celebrate the holiday, and fans are now eagerly awaiting the next holiday-themed update to drop.

This October, Ryu, Charlie, Vega, Cammy, Necali, Alex, and Juri were given Halloween-themed costumes in the sprit of the upcoming holiday, which are available only until Nov. 29.

A Halloween-themed stage is also made available, all decked out with various sized Jack-o'-lanterns for the occasion. These downloadable contents can be bought using real money via the Playstation Store and Steam, and costs $3.99 per costume. The stage can also be bought using ingame fight money.

Halloween may be far from over, but fans are now taking guesses on what's in store for them for the Christmas update in December.

Evil Geniuses' professional "Street Fighter V" player Justin Wong definitely knows what he wants, as he has recently listed his Christmas DLC wishlist on social media site Twitter.

Wong wanted a classy Santa Claus outfit for Karin, while Birdie can be decked out in full Santa gear as well. It is also interesting to see Bison as the popular Christmas scrooge The Grinch, while an elf costume for Laura and a snowman costume for Zangief is also on the pro gamer's list.

Event Hubs also piped in with their own idea, saying that a Jack Frost Urien will be really cool, with the character's body made completely out of ice.

As for stages, most fans have opted for a Winter Wonderland theme as a Christmas-themed arena.

Given Capcom's issues with releasing DLC's for "Street Fighter V", it comes as no surprise that some players have not even considered getting more cosmetic DLC's for the game, never mind in time for the Holiday season.

In other news, "Street Fighter V" will be making its way to the arcades, but instead of releasing a full blown arcade version, the game will have PC stations in place of arcade cabinets, allowing other players to play together.

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