Apple Watch Sport vs Apple Watch Nike+ Review: Which Fitness Wearable Can Keep Up With Your Lifestyle?

28 November 2016, 6:50 am EST By Bal Kenneth Aballe Mobile & Apps

Speaking of a smartwatch that can help consumers attain their daily exercises, Apple launched already a lot of wearables that work effectively to those who are into fitness activities. Since there were many smartwatches designed for exercising, people can't help but compare the new Apple Watch Nike+ to the Apple Watch Sport.

As recalled, the tech company released the Apple Watch Sport in 2014. Because of the recently launched Apple Watch Nike+, reports say that there are Watch Sport users questioning if they need to replace their wearable to the newest smartwatch which Apple and Nike collaboratively manufactured.

Nike is now exploring new sales opportunities. Aside from their apparels, the company partnered with Apple to introduce a smartwatch that is suitable for walking, running, and even marathons. Same as Apple Watch Series 2 models, Nike+ has a built-in GPS which enables the watch to work without your iPhones, Tech Crunch reported.

Some reports also shared that Apple Watch Nike+ is very easy to access. It will track how long have you been running. Your heart rate, pace and miles run will also be calculated in the wearable. Equipped with an auto-pause feature, its consumers can pause every time they need to without worrying that their recorded pace will be messed up.

On the hand, Apple Watch Sport reportedly garnered praises during the first year of its release. But when there are already many smartwatches in the market, Watch Sport began to receive negative feedback since new features were included already in the new wearables, like the Apple Watch Nike+.

Although the Watch Sport is equipped with heart rate and accelerometer sensors, the Apple smartwatch was designed having no built-in GPS features. It has the Apple S1 chipset and works as a water-resistant up to 1 meter and 30 minutes, GSM Arena reported.

With the increasing demand of the wearable users, Apple is continuously stepping up to create products that will fit their consumers. From their first smartwatch release, Apple already launched several wearables like Watch Sport, Watch Nike+ and Apple Watch Series 2.

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