AMD Radeon RX 480 vs RX 470 vs RX 460 Review: Three Affordable And High Performance Graphic Cards In The Market

28 November 2016, 7:50 am EST By Prakash Mobile & Apps

Three AMD models, the RX 480, RX 470, and RX460, are affordable graphics cards which bring high-end gaming to the masses. These cards aim to bridge the gap between affordable and high-performance graphics cards.

All are based on the Polaris architecture. Let's discuss them separately.

RX 460:

This medium range graphics card is available in two versions: 2 GB and 4 GB and it allows you to play current games at 1080p at medium, high or even ultra quality, depending on the game. Also, it is capable of running DOOM at 1080p with the highest quality setting surpassing 60 FPS.

Also, it's power consumption is really low. The price is $120 for 2GB GDDR5.

RX 470:

The RX 470 is a medium to high range card available in two versions, a 4 GB and a 8 GB for users who want to play in 1080p with the highest quality settings with guaranteed smoothness, without breaking the bank. But only the 4GB GDDR5 version, since we were able to find it for 220 dollars, and at that price point it's value is excellent.

RX 480:

The flagship model of the Polaris 10 series, a card good enough to play in 1080p with every setting in ultra and also at 1440p with guarantees. It is recommended for users who have a budget lower than 250 dollars but want a card with high performance, capable of even more than 1080p and that also has a long lifetime. The 4GB variant cost $230 and 8GB variant is priced at $280.

In the end, the RX 460 is worth the upgrade for users coming from any integrated Intel or AMD graphics card. On the other hand, the RX 470 is a recommendable purchase for users from the Radeon R9 or the GTX 960 dedicated cards, while the RX 480 can be upgraded from Radeon R9 380 or GTX 960 dedicated card.

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