'Death Stranding' To Appear In PSX? No Sucker Punch Engine For The Game, Other Things To Expect

29 November 2016, 6:45 am EST By Gram Mobile & Apps

Kojima's "Death Stranding" has been announced last June on E3 2016. The game features "The Walking Dead" actor Norman Reedus, and together with his newly built team - Kojima Productions, Kojima said that they are currently working hard to develop the game.

In one of our articles, Kojima said that the game will introduce a new unique concept which would be based more on connections and strands in psychology. Using the Rope as the tool for this concept, Kojima hints to revolutionize how weapons in game can be used.

In a recent post by Gaming Bolt, a certain user under the name shinobi602 hinted at NeoGaf forums that "Death Stranding" will probably be at the upcoming Playstation Experience 2016.

With the same post, shinobi602 also said that contrary to the rumors spreading, "Death Stranding" won't be using Sucker Punch's engine, which is the one used for "Infamous: Second Son." He says it will be different this time, and it will also be shown at Playstation Experience 2016.

Of course, this is a good news for Kojima fans since this could be where a lot of information will be revealed for his latest game. This could also mean that using the Rope as a tool will be featured to further introduce that new and unique concept. Or it could also mean as a chance for Kojima to showcase other tools besides the Rope which are based on connections.

For the concept of the game engine however, it's good to know that Kojima won't be reusing an old one, but this may come at a price - which is a longer development time based on his old projects before. Also, this is a chance for Kojima Productions to showcase their talent since developing a new game engine would probably place them on a spot for one of the most anticipated game producers.

As excited as the fans, we can only speculate until the day of Playstation Experience 2016. Stay tuned for more news about "Death Stranding" 

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