'Street Fighter V': Stage Ban For Tournaments, Long Term Support Detailed

29 November 2016, 7:34 am EST By Gram Mobile & Apps

"Street Fighter" has been on the gaming industry for a long time now, appearing in most of the consoles and even on PC. And it turns out that "Street Fighter V," the latest game of the series is here to stay, at least until 2020.

Long term support

Based on Gamespot's article, Yoshinori Ono, executive producer of the game, says that It's not just a one to two year project and that they are looking pretty far ahead. He said that Capcom is planning to support "Street Fighter V" until 2020 or so.

Tomoaki Ayano, another producer of the game, added, "'Street Fighter V' is a title we're adding on to as it goes along, so we're working on it while planning ahead on the best way to develop it further."

With this plan on their road map, it is clear that Capcom will be adding new content to the game every now and then to appease their players. Besides the new content, players enjoy the game through the tournaments being held almost everywhere. With some players even bringing their own arcade sticks / controllers, we won't be surprised if "Street Fighter V" will eventually be a part of E-sports.

Stage ban

Since we're talking about tournaments, there's a certain stage in the game that has just been banned by Capcom on its upcoming tournaments.

On a certain tweet, Capcom has announced that the stage "Skies of Honor" will not be used for its upcoming tournament Capcom Cup 2016 and CPT2017 season. The reason being that the stage is too distracting to be used within the tournament.

Well for most players that certainly is the case, since it's hard to focus when your background is moving and tilting at the same time. Can't figure out what we're talking about? Here's a video clip of the stage by Danny Taylor (warning: may cause nausea):

Stay tuned for more news about "Street Fighter V." 

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