‘Justice League’ Movie Latest News: A First Peek at Aquaman, New Cast Members Announced; Trailer #3 Screenshot Leaked?

29 November 2016, 8:12 am EST By Gio C. Mobile & Apps

With less than a year until its scheduled release, more details about the upcoming "Justice League" movie are surfacing.

Director Zack Snyder, in his Vero account, posted a photo of Jason Momoa fully-dressed as Aquaman. The photo is reportedly taken from their set at a small village in Iceland.

Despite having not much details about his role, it has been suggested that the backstory for Aquaman's recruitment into the Justice League may be the reason of choosing Iceland as one of its filming locations.

There are also speculations that more information about the Aquaman would be available in the very near future.

Meanwhile, "Justice League's" third trailer has been reportedly leaked, according to Morning News USA. A 4chan user claimed that he is an insider for the movie, as he posts a screenshot claimed to be the movie's third trailer.

The alleged photo shows The Flash, and a "Property of Warner Bros" watermark written on it. However, the user claimed that the next trailer will not feature Superman, Mera, Vulko and Gordon. The post also suggests supervillain Steppenwolf's first appearance.

Willem Dafoe has been recently casted as Vulko, Aquaman's mentor and advisor, hence being the reason on why his character is not present in the third trailer.

Another legendary actor John Cleese from "Harry Potter" and "Monty Python" is also speculated to join as one of the members of the "Justice League" cast, albeit on an unknown role as of the moment.

A member from the Green Lantern Corps may also make a special appearance for a short but "key sequence," in preparation for the "Green Lantern Corps" movie scheduled for a 2020 release.

A breakthrough point for the DC Extended Universe, expectations for the upcoming "Justice League" movie are very high as its quality may be compared to rival Marvel's "The Avengers" series.

A huge responsibility is on Zack Snyder and Chris Terrio's shoulders as the movie's director and scriptwriter, respectively. Their latest movie, "Batman vs. Superman," was not a critical success, but became a box office hit. This time around, fans and critics are taking "Justice League" as a symbol of hope for the DC Extended Universe.

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