‘One Piece’ Chapter 847-848 Spoilers: Sanji’s Secret Escape Plan, Luffy Challenges Big Mom

29 November 2016, 7:40 am EST By Gio C. Mobile & Apps

Luffy, Sanji, and the Pirates' adventures continue with "One Piece" Chapter 847 entitled "Luffy and Big Mom."

For a recap on the previous chapter, Luffy and Nami tried to battle Big Mom's army but failed because of their declining strength. With both pirates defeated, their enemies immediately take them to the Whole Cake Island prison.

Inside the castle, Sanji begs Big Mom to spare his crewmates' life. Big Mom agrees, leaving Sanji surprised. She promised that she will be true to her words as she approves of his marriage with Lady Pudding.

However, Luffy and Nami already got locked upside in prison, hence, the promise was immediately broken.

Behind bars, Luffy orders Yonko's warriors to let him and Nami out of prison, but the army ignores them. Big Mom then arrives, and Luffy challenges her to battle, although Big Mom is not interested on fighting against him.

Nevertheless, Luffy maintains his determination to save Sanji and defeat her.

Big Mom asks them about Lola, in which Nami mentioned that they are friends with her. Big Mom, however, reveals that she is angry at Lola, because Lola escaped from a significant political marriage that may make Big Mom the Pirate King.

On a different scene, Sanji sits beside a window, hoping for his friends' safety. Inside the Room of Treasure, Tamago and a soldier race to interrupt Pedro, who is causing trouble outside. Pedro is making the trouble as a distraction, however, as Brook prepares to unleash a special live concert. This is the beginning of their plan to acquire the poneglyphs.

According to Chatt Sports Net, there are speculations saying that Sanji knows Pedro and Brook's plan, and Sanji is playing along with them to keep his crewmates safe. Furthermore, Sanji is reported to have a secret escape plan, too.

Fans are excited to see if their plans will be successful as the next chapter unfolds next week. Stay tuned for more "One Piece" updates.

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