6 Paid iPhone Apps Free To Download For A Limited Time

3 January 2017, 11:07 am EST By Cris Xander Juliano Mobile & Apps

Great apps come with a value, unless developers put their apps on sale for free. The developers of the following apps have decided to let the apps be downloaded by users free of charge. With that said, here are six paid iPhone apps that are available for free at a limited time according to a report by Digital Trends.


It is an app that uses Wi-Fi connectivity that allows users to view their photos directly from their computers without syncing.

Speed Pro Multiplayer

For people who love to run, walk or any type of motion activity, this app is for you. It is a game that turns your motion activities into a competitive multiplayer game.

Use Your Handwriting GOLD

It is a tool wherein users write notes and messages on their iPhone devices using their fingers. It's a unique handwriting engine that emulates a fountain pen to create drawing strokes.

Nutshunter Escape Run

It is a game that has 3D graphics and an addictive gameplay. Players must avoid getting lost with all the different obstacles while getting points and bonuses.


Using your finger, which has the power to deflect whatever the clouds blasts at you, you must defend the tiny, peaceful cities from enemy clouds.

Noti: Do with Reminders

It is a productivity app wherein users are allowed to input their daily tasks within their iPhone's notification center.

These apps are normally paid for but this time around, are available for free for a limited time so hurry and get it before the limited off expires. If you went to the corresponding links and the apps indicate a price that means the offer has already expired.

Were you able to download these apps for free? Write and share your thoughts down the comments' section.


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