Tom Clancy's The Division Tips And Tricks: A Quick Rundown On How To Stay Alive In Survival Mode [Watch]

9 January 2017, 10:12 am EST By Julianne Mobile & Apps

"Tom Clancy's The Division" Survival Mode has been tricky for few gamers to complete with the mode's hardened level of completion. Unlike any mode in the game, the basic rule in Survival mode is to survive, scavenge resources, fight the infection before it takes your life and find a way to the Dark Zone to escape.

The game's setting is a version of Manhattan where food, weapons and resources comes in a very limited supply. Survival Mode may take a player two hours of non-stop gaming but with this tips, gamers can finish the game in 30 minutes.

First rule of Survival Mode is to learn the basics by starting with the easier PvE mode before going for much harder PvP mode. Establishing routes for looting and familiarizing the map will help players paving a safe path to the Dark Zone.

Since rules in Survival are different, getting every item on the ground it is an important thing to do. This will make "The Division" player's character more efficient in creating high-end weapons to be used, once players are in the Dark Zone. Make sure to loot everything on the ground, then manage inventory carefully and trade items to other group member, but only in a safe place.

From the beginning of each match in "Tom Clancy's The Division", players are already infected with a disease that will later on claim the player's character life after 60 minutes without the proper care. But there are medicines and painkillers scattered in Survival Mode to keep the infection at bay.

However, medicines are hard to come by in Survival Mode since there are no medicines available inside the hideouts. To keep adding time to the character's life, players will have to find medicines to every building in the map.

Finally, at all cost, players will have to avoid enemies who are more equipped than their character. The best strategy is to hide and wait until high-ranking enemies are gone or find an alternate route to avoid them. The goal in the "Tom Clancy's The Division" is to survive and there is no shame in running or hiding.

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