‘Pokemon GO’ Update: Triple Dex Tool May Help Trainers Build Gym Prestige; Gen 2 & Legendary Pokemon May Soon Be Released

9 January 2017, 6:44 pm EST By Ritwik Roy Mobile & Apps

"Pokemon GO" players with different skill levels can benefit from Triple Dex as it's quite a useful tool for building gym prestige. The Triple Dex website provides pretty much all information on a Pokemon search for by the trainer. It's a pretty easy to use website with a single search bar. Trainers need to search for the Pokemon they are interested in and the tool delivers all information trainers want.

According to Tech.Mic, Triple Dex offers a detailed breakdown of a Pokemon's strengths and weaknesses. It also tells about the best and worst match-ups. Basic information such as height and weight of selected Pokemon is also available. The tool categorizes a Pokemon's moves into Charge and Fast Moves and for each attack, the "Pokemon GO" trainer will also learn about the quantified Power, Energy, Damage per Second and Duration for every attack.

"Pokemon GO" trainers may use Triple Dex information to boost the power of their own Gyms by selecting the best matchups every time. Meanwhile, according to Express, Niantic is already teasing the next update, now that the New Year event has come to an end. Fans hope that the next big update is on Gen 2 or Legendary Pokemon. In fact, it has been reported that Niantic is sending out emails, potentially teasing about the next big update.

The mail reportedly states that "Pokemon GO" trainers may also receive a special message from Professor Willow and that a new update is just a few weeks away. Niantic has asked its fans to be alert at all times while playing the game. It is being speculated that Niantic will release new Pokemon in clusters and they will be treated as mini-events. Another mini update is also expected that will fix certain bugs in the game.

Stay tuned on Mobile & Apps for more information on "Pokemon GO" updates.

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