‘Clash Royale’ Update: What Every 'Clash of Clans' Spinoff Player Needs To Know About Planned End Game Content

10 January 2017, 12:51 am EST By Pia Merci Mobile & Apps

Supercell is reportedly planning to bring a new end game to "Clash Royale" and this time, there would be no new arena. Though being repetitive wasn't Supercell's intention, fans had already enough of it. On the other hand, something good is bound to happen as Star Wars will be introducing a new character in Clash Royale.

Players tend to get bored on many online games that become repetitive. Thus, eventually abandoning them. "Clash Royale" seems to be on the same page since its game developers added arenas after arenas.

This gave the game a repetitive nature, even though it wasn't their intention to do so. While "Clash Royale" development team still continues on working on new updates, they would certainly avoid being repetitive again.

As per a Reddit user, someone from Supercell's development team unveiled that the game developers are planning to bring a new end game to "Clash Royale". However, this might be a challenge for them as they are still finding ways of making such end game without the need to add another arena. Supercell is yet to reveal what the new end game would look like.

According to NEUROGADGET, Supercell reportedly noted that Clash Royale's content creation was not able to keep up with the speed of players. They tend to progressed too fast. Blizzard dealt with the same problem with its "World of Warcraft" as every time, its developers brought fresh content, players complete it with ease.

More so, other Reddit users apparently believe that the game might not get any new updates lately since developers might still be on their vacation after providing the recent holiday patch update and new trophies or events might not be available as well.

Meanwhile, the hit multiplayer game reportedly received the "Star Wars: Force" Arena in-game. Apparently, the international soft launch reportedly added a leader character for "Clash Royale" players to control.

They may opt to play Boba Fett who is noted to contribute 12% more damage when attacking another enemy leader. Furthermore, he can fly over obstacles by using a jet pack; he is equipped with the Missile Strike ability and a flamethrower weapon as well.

In addition, leaders are packed with unique cards that may only be used in decks with their respective leaders as well. Check the "Clash Royale" video below for a sample gameplay.

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