'Stardew Valley' Tips & Guide: 3 Ways To Make More Money

11 January 2017, 5:00 am EST By Switchy Sam Mobile & Apps

Farming is the focal point in "Stardew Valley." Dubbed as the successor of "Harvest Moon," this game presents a new perspective for fans. The game has already sold millions of copies, reported Kotaku. The game is very popular among players who love farming games. Now, in the game, it is important to make money in order to make things easier in the farm. Continue reading to know  "Stardew Valley" tips and guide on how to make more money in the game.

In addition, upgrades are present in the game. Players can make money through many ways, which are fishing, mining, foraging, battling, and farming. Focusing on farming, players can sell or use the harvested produce. However, it is efficient to convert the produce into something else such as mayonnaise, jelly, or age it in a cask.

Mass plantation for greater gains

First, players need to clear a huge space for plantation. Players should try to increase their production by utilising most of the space in the farm in "Stardew Valley" to increase profit. Of course, to lessen the burden of watering, iridium sprinklers should be placed equally around the farming area. They should try to grow crops that have longer durations of growth. Notably, the crops that have longer durations of growth are the ones that cost more such as starfruits, blueberries, cranberries, pumpkins, melons, and more. Second, these crops can be converted into wines and jellies, so it is also important to have kegs and preserves to create these.

Greenhouse, Sweet gem berry and some Ancient seeds

When the greenhouse upgrade is done via completing the bundles in the Community center or through Joja Company path, players can plant all kinds of crops without worrying about wilting. Ancient seeds produce ancient fruits, which costs a lot. On the other hand, if players don't have access to ancient seeds, they can buy the sweet gem berry from the cart, which is available on Friday and Sunday. It is important to have a seed maker to maximise the number of planted crops. After that, you just wait until the produce appears and reap all of it for cash. The game is a peaceful and calming game for players and it received the best review, one from GameSpot, considering that it is only a pixelated game.

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