'Pokemon GO' Guide: Best Pokemon For Gym Battle And Best Team Comp

11 January 2017, 5:30 am EST By JP Mobile & Apps

Capturing a "Pokemon GO" Gym or protecting one requires a certain in depth knowledge of what monsters to bring in gym battles. Though the initial thought to conquer gym is to bring powerful Pokemon of each type to be able to counter whatever monster an opponent has, some powerful ones does not match well against others even if they are the 'counters' of a given type.

Majority of "Pokemon GO" trainers keep Dragonites or other strong water type pokemon. The best bet in battling against a water type Pokemon is to go for a grass type one. This does not, however, mean a trainer should always choose Exeggutor, being the strongest among the grass types. It is more advisable to go for Venusaur as a counter to a strong water type pokemon.

Defeating Dragonites in gym battles can be quite tricky. Dragonite is a favorite among trainers due to its high stat base. Though an immediate response, when faced with a Dragon type pocket monster, is to match it with a stronger one of the same type or bring out more powerful rock or fairy type monsters, the best counter to a Dragonite in "Pokemon Go" is actually an Ice type. The best ice type Pokemon to match against Dragonite is Lapras.

The most recommended team composition in "Pokemon GO" is a team which comprises Dragonite, Snorlax, Vaporeon, Exeggutor, Jolteon and Lapras. Having a Dragonite is actually a no brainer as the flying reptile is currently the strongest pokemon, this of course is only up until Tyranitar appears in the "Pokemon GO" world.

Having a Lapras is handy whenever an opposing player has a Dragonite. The high HP of Snorlax is perfect to make the humongous pokemon as a tank. Having an Exeggutor or Venusaur in the team will be a perfect match for water type pokemon and the Jolteon is a great contingent if the opposing "Pokemon GO" trainer has a Gyarados. Vaporeon is the perfect 6th man as it can back up any of the first 5 Pokemon.

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