'Grand Theft Auto 6' News: GTA 6 May Arrive In 2018 With First Ever Female Protagonist!

11 January 2017, 5:10 am EST By Niyati S. Mobile & Apps

"Grand Theft Auto" as a gaming franchise needs no introduction. Over the past years, this series has been quite popular amongst gamers and viewers. Rockstar Games has enjoyed immense success with the GTA series, and has also received positive acclaim for the gameplay. The series has evolved greatly through the time and has earned billions in revenue. Needless to say, people are excited about the launch of the next title "GTA 6" and are curious about its release date and updates. Some reports say that "GTA 6" will be released sometime in late 2018.

"Grand Theft Auto 5" broke several records in terms of revenue earning and has made a great effect in gaming history. It received the highest earnings of the franchise in the first 24 hours of its release and it was the fastest game (or even an entertainment title) to earn $1 billion. This is the reason "GTA 6" is already creating many expectations about its graphics, storyline, and overall performance.

Notably, Rockstar Games has shared no official confirmation or information about the much anticipated and awaited 'GTA 6'. However, it is being speculated that the game is being developed steadily and is in the early stages of development. The game developer is also reaping the benefits of "GTA 5" and "GTA Online"- a lot of revenue has been generated already. This is the reason why they may not be rushing things a lot.

A lot of rumours and speculations are surrounding the upcoming title and one of the most prominent ones is that "GTA 6" will introduce the first ever female protagonist in the franchise history. This character will be fully playable and will be voiced by actress Eva Mendes.

With the new instalment, there are a lot of expectations being stacked by the fans of the series. These include new properties, weapons and insane cars. The location could also possibly be set in Tokyo, the first non-U.S. destination in the game. However, Rockstar Games has dispelled this rumour by saying that the Japanese road systems are difficult to be portrayed in the game itself.

The "Grand Theft Auto 6" may possibly release sometime between late 2018 and 2020. Keep watching MobileNApps for more updates!

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