‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’ Guide On Z-Mirror Move & Staraptor’s Attack Capabilities

10 January 2017, 10:11 pm EST By Ritwik Roy Mobile & Apps

If you are a "Pokemon Sun and Moon" player and if you are wondering about Staraptor's Sweep Z-Mirror Move, this guide will surely help you in mastering it. Staraptor is a tough nut to crack and is extremely difficult to handle. The Pokemon literally intimidates its opponents to enter into battles and once an opponent falls into the trap, Staraptor automatically lowers its attacks stats.

According to iTech Post, understanding the Sweep Z-Mirror Move is very important to deal with a Staraptor in "Pokemon Sun and Moon." Z-Mirror or simply Z-Move is only for the flying-type Pokemon. Once players master the move well, it can give opponents a real hard time regardless of their damage. When a mirror move is combined with a Z-Move, it becomes the Z-Mirror Move.

Additionally, "Pokemon Sun and Moon" players need to have the item Flyinium Z to use its Z-Power. Then Mirror Move will automatically turn it into a Z-Mirror Move. Why is this move so important? It is because the Z-Mirror Move allows a Pokemon to raise its attack by two stages. Players should master the move perfectly to make it advantageous for them. As the move is only for the flying-type Pokemon, players need to be mindful using it.

Staraptor's normal Z-Move is the Breakneck Blitz. The Z-Power enables a Pokemon to gain momentum and crash full force into its target. The All-Out Pummeling move is another favorite of "Pokemon Sun and Moon" players. This move allows Staraptor to create immense energy to target and take down its opponent. It has an accuracy rate of 100 percent.

If a player wishes to know more on Staraptor's Z-Mirror Move, he must refer to the video at the bottom of the article. Stay tuned on Mobile & Apps for more exciting news and updates on "Pokemon Sun and Moon."

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