‘Half-Life 3’ Not Happening: Editor Shares Valve’s Failed Plans To Create Episode 3

11 January 2017, 5:00 am EST By Blair Grant Mobile & Apps

"Half-Life 3" is one of the most requested games since "Half-Life 2" was released over a decade ago. In a recent interview, the game's executive editor, Andrew Reiner, shared what would have become of the sequel if Valve pushed forward with its plans for episode 3.

The possibility of "Half-Life 3" turning into a reality is close to zero despite Valve's previous attempts to create a sequel from the popular franchise. In a recent podcast with executive editor Andrew Reiner, it was revealed that Valve had several plans in mind when they attempted to create episode 3, reports iDigitalTimes.

Reiner described the process of planning out "Half-Life 3" as "a hot mess," as there were a lot of prototypes, but there were only a few teams to work on them. He also explained that if plans for episode 3 were set into motion, gamers would have seen an RTS (real-time strategy) version of the game.

The other plan for "HL3" was to use live actors in order to add a touch of reality to the popular game. While these plans sound quite promising to most gamers, Reiner shared that he tried to reach out to some people from Valve but none of the ideas were enticing enough for the company to turn the sequel into a reality.

"Dead end after dead end after dead end," he said.

Valve also seems to be avoiding requests for "Half-Life 3" among fans, as Eurogamer reports that the company refused to acknowledge the game during its awards system. According to the publication, the company allowed nominations from people for different categories.

One of the categories included the "Game That Deserves A Sequel" award. Many fans nominated "Half-Life 3" in the said award since it has been over 10 years since "Half-Life: Episode 2" was released.

However, Valve did not acknowledge fans' plea to nominate "Half-Life 3" under the said category. This led to speculations that the company is no longer interested in creating a sequel to "Half-Life 2."

Should Valve reconsider making "Half-Life 3?" Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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