‘Final Fantasy XV’ Tips & Guide: Increase EXP Gained By 50% With This Delicious Recipe; Here's How To Unlock It

11 January 2017, 4:50 am EST By Jai Sabharwal Mobile & Apps

While enjoying camping with Noctis and his buddies in "Final Fantasy XV," players can use Ignis to make a number of savoury and mouth-watering dishes. This mode is not merely gaming trick, but an important aspect of the game.

With cooking, players can strengthen the "Final Fantasy XV" characters. Cooking offers points to increase the combat skills of the characters. Powering up HP, attack and magic are some of the attributes that players can increase. So, all dishes are able to offer combat-related bonuses, except one. This particular dish will not give players combat points but will offer 50% increase in the experience gained by the characters after just one fight.

The dish that we are talking about is the "Stacked Ham Sandwich." In order to unlock the recipe for this rewarding dish, players will need to use this "Final Fantasy XV" tips and guide to complete several quests from Wiz who rents Chocobos. The quests that gamers will have to complete are listed below:

"Final Fantasy XV" tips and guide for earning 50% increase in EXP

1.      Where the Wild Chocobos Are

How to Start: By interacting with the book on Wiz's table (which is next to him) at the Chocobo Farm.

Quest Requirements: Players will need to head to Nebulawood of the Duscae area and click a picture of a particular Chocobo in that area. After taking the picture, head back to the farm and interact with the book once again and the quest is completed. Players are then rewarded with 500 EXP, Doman Plum Pits, Xelphatol Apple Seeds, and Mamook Pear Seeds.

2.      Bird on the Brink

How To Start: Players need to interact with the book once again which will trigger a dialogue with Wiz.

Quest Requirements: Get to the mark on the map where the injured Chocobo is located. Use potion to heal it. Now head back to the farm and once again interact with the book. Players are awarded 1000 EXP and Curiel Greens.

3.      A Feathery Feast

How To Start: Players will have to interact with the book one final time.

Quest Requirements: Hear to the marked area on the map and gather the Aegir Roots there. Bring them back to Wiz. Players will get 1,500 EXP and are able to access the Fat Chocobo Triple-Decker.

Once the final quest is completed, gamers will be able to access the Fat Chocobo Triple-Decker sandwich. Buying it from Wiz for 1,100 Gil will result in Ignis' learning of the Stacked Ham Sandwich recipe. Now, when the party is cooking it at a camp in "Final Fantasy XV", there will be a 50% gain in EXP. 

Hope players can apply this "Final Fantasy XV" tips and guide to good use. 

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