'GTA 5 Online' Tips And Tricks: Here's How To Get Your Hands On The Insurgent And Kill The HVY Vehicle [VIDEOS]

11 January 2017, 7:30 am EST By Vinay Patel Mobile & Apps

It's no secret that Rockstar Games leaves no stone unturned in their bid to keep avid gamers glued to the studio's money spinner, "GTA 5 Online." In order to achieve this, the game developer rolls out updates and new downloadable contents (DLCs) such as the recently released Import/Export DLC expansion as frequently as possible.

Citing the huge success garnered by the online multiplayer mode of "GTA 5," it is hardly surprising that "GTA 5 Online" has been subject to a slew of cheats, tips, and tricks. One such trick that's running rampant all over the internet centers on how to get the Insurgent and how to kill the HVY vehicle in the game. Let's delve into the details.

Getting The Insurgent In 'GTA 5 Online'

The Insurgent is not only tough as nails, but is also armored making it one of the toughest vehicles in "GTA 5 Online." The light armored personnel vehicle bears a bad reputation of terrorizing people and as a result, it shows up on the minimap -- just like the tanks -- as a distress signal so that players can get out of its way.

Despite the Insurgent being unequaled in the game, getting your hands on the vehicle is surprisingly effortless. The player simply needs to ensure he/she has 675,000 GTA$ before logging on the in-game web. Once logged in, the player has to visit the Warstock Cache & Carry site and ferret out the Insurgent and click "Purchase."

Moreover, amassing 675,000 GTA$ could be less laborious if the player is willing to shell out real-life money to purchase a Shark Card, which is up for grabs in RockstarWarehouse.

Killing The Insurgent In 'GTA 5 Online'

While getting the Insurgent could be like a walk in the park, killing the Insurgent in "GTA 5 Online" is quite a back breaking task. The Insurgent has an armed version geared with a machine gun turret which bears a steep price of $1.35 million; however, the machine gun is overstated. Apparently, the Insurgent's most effective weapon is the Insurgent itself as it can smash through other vehicles and run over pedestrians.

The guidelines to kill Insurgents are therefore identical to the guidelines to killing tanks in "GTA 5 Online." The players must make themselves scarce and refrain from engaging on foot from ground level. This is particularly challenging because the players can not appear off the radar for more than 30 seconds at a time, with a lot of time in between requests to drop off the radar.

As long as no one in the vehicle is on the lookout for nearby players to kill, the player can steer clear of the Insurgent, but this is highly unlikely as many people buy it primarily to kill the players in their sight. The player's only chance to survive is raw speed. The player must get in quick and attack, according to Mic.

One of the most effective methods for killing Insurgents in "GTA 5 Online" involves attaching sticky bombs, driving the car right next to the Insurgent and then hitting the detonator. Aside from killing the player in the most astonishing fashion, it also ought to kill the Insurgent.

It is worth noting that the player will be accountable for paying the insurance replacement cost of the Insurgent since basically, it is a personal vehicle. In addition, the player will receive Bad Sport points for his/her action that involves killing someone's personal vehicle. It is imperative for the players to bear in mind that receiving too many Bad Sport points could get them temporarily locked into a GTA 5 Online lobby along with other Bad Sports. If this method doesn't quite sweep you off your feet, you can opt for an easy alternative by splitting the task between two different members of your team.

Killing The Insurgent In "GTA 5 Online" - Alternative Method

Another method to kill the Insurgent is by shooting everyone in the vehicle through the windshield. The unyielding vehicle is only defenseless at its front, which regrettably is the end barreling toward the player at full speed. It is suggested to use a vehicle that can stand its ground even after high-speed crash with an Insurgent; however, the player is likely to get a shot at the driver's once they hit the car and are still up close.

Stay tuned in here for more "GTA 5 Online" tips and tricks.

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