'No Man's Sky' Explorer's Edition Is Finally Out And Some Fans Aren't Too Happy With It

11 January 2017, 11:30 am EST By Cores Grace Malaay Mobile & Apps

"No Man's Sky" Explorer's Edition has finally been released and the developer has started shipping it customers after six months of delays of the game's release date. The pre-orders for the Explorer Edition started in March 2016 via iam8bit for $150.

According to Shacknews, it was assured that the Explorer's Edition will have a game key, a traveler pin, a hand-painted ship replica, a display diorama and an Atlas travelers log all in one box that features custom artwork. Players have received their game keys via email at the game's release.

There have been customers who posted images and videos of the "No Man's Sky" Explorer's Edition via Twitter and YouTube and some aren't really happy with the set of items they received for the amount of $150. The product page of iam8bit for the Explorer's Edition has not been updated as it still shows the same promotional pic since the pre-orders started with the caption that says ‘art not final' regardless of the fact that the final product has been released.

The box is a basic cardboard box with a transparent plastic window and the custom artwork that was promised features a fuchsia dinosaurs and foliage on it and at the back of the box shows the company logo with a few credits on it. On the plus side, one great point of the set is a heavy and a good quality Traveller Pin.

As for the Display Diorama, it's some kind of a concept artwork printed on cardboard at the rear of the box, which slides out so it can sit behind the spaceship model. The Atlas Traveller's Log has a cardboard cover with around 60 pages or so while the Fisher Space Pen looks cool and the Hand-Painted Ship Replica, which is the bread and butter of "No Man's Sky" Explorer's Edition has had many reports from customers with poor quality.

On the bright side though, a fan-made music video for the game has been posted on a YouTube channel Zagisa, which makes the game look incredible, according to Game Rant. The video features sweeping landscapes and panoramas of "No Man's Sky" with a little melancholy techno music.

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