‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’ Battle Tree Requires A Logical Mix of Monsters; Steps To Win The Battle Explained

11 January 2017, 11:48 am EST By Ritwik Roy Mobile & Apps

Once a "Pokemon Sun and Moon" player has completed all adventures in Alola and has become a Champion, he/she must try the Battle Tree. It's challenging and tough. The elite battleground for trainers can be accessed on Poni Island once the player has beaten the Elite Four. To get inside, players will have to duke it out with certain familiar faces first. Once done, players can win rare prizes and items such as Mega Stones for powerful Pokemon by beating as many trainers as possible.

According to Inverse, a "Pokemon Sun and Moon" player will have its monsters capped at level 50 and he can also compete in single and double battles. Players can also team up with other trainers to enter multi-battles. However, the Battle Tree is a tough nut to crack and players need to get in with a logical mix of monsters. The party has to be well-balanced. Rapid heavy-hitters and a tank are essential to get into Battle Tree.

A "Pokemon Sun and Moon" trainer must ensure that each Pokemon in his team has diverse movesets before entering Batte Tree. It will be unwise to rely only on a flurry of powerful moves but of a single element. The player's team must have the capability to take out a wide variety of Pokemon. The Pokemon a player chooses should be skilled enough to change turn priority and cause status effects.

If it is required to switch Pokemon to finish off a particular enemy, a "Pokemon Sun and Moon" trainer must ensure that moves that can always hit first. Trick Room may come handy as it reverses turn priority and makes a slow Pokemon hit first. Players should also be adept in laying traps and having moves that can paralyze opponents and inflict Burns and Poison. Buffs such as Protect and Recover are a must too.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" players must always use Held items such as Life Orb, Leftovers and Choice Scarf to have advantage over enemies in Battle Tree. Stay tuned on Mobile & Apps for more updates on "Pokemon Sun and Moon."


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