'Final Fantasy XV' Guides: How to Finish All of Dino's Quests

11 January 2017, 12:30 pm EST By S. Turla Mobile & Apps

Some of the quests Noctis and his friends can take will come from Dino, a non-player character (NPC) in Square Enix's latest game "Final Fantasy XV." His quests will be available after you finish a main story quest in Chapter 1.

IGN has detailed how to finish "A Gentleman's Agreement," the precursor to the rest of Dino's quests. While stranded in Galdin Quay, the reporter promises not to reveal Noctis' true identity if he agrees to retrieve some gemstones. Don't worry about the enormous Hurricane Bird near the stones, it will fly away instead of engaging you in a fight.

Once Chapter 2 begins, you can take on Dino's quests, the first of which is "The Aspiring Artisan." According to Samurai Gamers, the quest marker is in Longwythe Peak, and the Amethyst Stone is on a pile of rocks with reddish crystals on it. Quest rewards are 500 EXP and an Amethyst Bracelet.

For "A Stone-Studded Stunner" Dino will tell Noctis to find three Heliodor Stones at the quest marker on the map, which is south of the Wiz Chocobo Post (this area can only be accessed after Chapter 2). The stones are in the north, south, and west of the area. Dino will give you 1,000 EXP, and a Heliodor Bracelet.

In "Reliable Royalty" you can earn 1,500 EXP and a Sapphire Bracelet. Dino sends you to the Cleigne's main river. The Sapphire Stone is on a small beach near some Sahagins.

"No Pain, No Gem" earns Noctis and his friends 2,000 EXP and a Ruby Bracelet. The Ruby Stone can be found inside the Myrlwood, but the area can only be entered after Chapter 6. Inside the forest, stick to the path and walk near the left wall. The Ruby Stones can be found near some red rocks.

The "A Treasure Beyond Measure" quest rewards include 3,000 EXP and an Emerald Bracelet. Dino will now send you to Costlemark Tower. Take note that this dungeon can only be entered at night. Before retrieving the stone, make sure you are at least level 55 or higher to survive the strong enemies within.

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