'One Piece' Chapter 856: Devastating Twist Is Anticipated; Bobbin Reveals Germa 66 Plans to Eradicate Big Mom

15 February 2017, 9:30 am EST By Coco Dollanganger Mobile & Apps

After seeing someone eating meat like Luffy, Sanji thought about his friends and decided to look for them and just leave everything behind. There have been predictions as well that he will finally reunite with Luffy and it's going to be emotional in "One Piece" chapter 855.

"One Piece" fans may wonder whether or not Luffy and Sanji would reunite or will Pudding and Sanji's wedding happens in the next few episodes. Since Sanji and Luffy are expected to reunite, reports also suggest that Bobbin reveals his allegiance to the kingdom of Germa 66 as well as its plan for eliminating Big Mom at Sanji's wedding, which shocks the latter as he didn't know that Bobbin was working for his father.

Bobbin then explains that Sanji's father, Judge, only agreed to arrange a wedding to gain access to the Whole Cake Island effortlessly. It is known that the territory is usually difficult to infiltrate.

On Reddit, fans suggest that a twist will happen in "One Piece" chapter 856, which will devastate everyone where Brulee could be the one bringing dilemma to the pirates. There have been speculations as well that the Straw Hats Captain with the crew discussed the Road Poneglyph with Brulee around, which turns out to be a huge problem for the whole crew.

It's also a question whether or not Sanji and Luffy would be able to have the Road Poneglyph without having to worry that Big Mom might catch them. In "One Piece" chapter 856, fans will see how the pirates struggle in attempt to stay still on the Whole Cake Island although they know that they will have to face Big Mom in the near future.

Moreover, many "One Piece" fans have also predicted that there will be more fights to happen apart from these twists. Since the Straw Hats wanted to save Reiju from danger, it would mean that Luffy with his team will save the full Vinsmoke clan.

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