‘For Honor’ Update: All The Known Issues & Some Workarounds For PS4, Xbox One & PC Listed Here

16 February 2017, 7:54 am EST By CJ Estimada Mobile & Apps

"For Honor" arrived this week, but its launch did not go exactly as planned. The publisher is now rounding up all of the most "critical" problems that it's aware of and provides some workarounds where available.

There is quite a number of issues some gamers encountered when playing Ubisoft's sword fighting game "For Honor." The list from Ubisoft is non-exhaustive, but players should know these critical ones that could impact their game experience.

PC Known Issues

To start with, some gamers report that it is sometimes impossible to launch and sometimes displays an error message with the error code 10018. Users may also be unable to quit desktop after getting a "connection has been lost" error message while idle on matchmaking. There is incompatibility in "For Honor" beta with the early generations of Titan X GeForce graphics cards that prevent the game from starting.

Some gamepads not working has also been reported. The user is advised to unplug all other non-necessary peripherals, especially Steering Wheels and Flight Joysticks. Moreover, groups with more than 1 Strict NAT are not recommended, as they won't be able to reach matchmaking. It is, therefore, preferable to invite friends with open or moderate NAT types. It's not recommended to create mixed region groups because users may encounter connectivity problems when grouping with players from other regions.

There are times when user is flashed with a pop-up stating that Rewards will be added automatically when the response comes in, even when that game mode has no Reward. Furthermore, a Host gets stuck for 15 seconds after selecting "Change options" after a custom match. There are also menu issues in 21:9 resolutions. With these two, no workarounds are currently available.

PS4 & Xbox One Known Issues

As for issues on PS4 and Xbox One, gamers report NAT type group errors. Groups with more than 1 Strict NAT are not recommended because they will not be able to reach matchmaking; this is also an issue on PC's. Also, players may encounter connectivity issues if their group has players from different regions.

Another problem, according to GameSpot, where the controller switches Right and Left trigger, might be connected to Bluetooth controllers. This is also encountered on PC. To solve this, connect the Controller using a USB or install the Windows 10 Anniversary update. The same is to be done when the game stutters when a player is hit.

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