‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ Update: Mawilite & Beedrillite Mega Stones Explained; Codes, Online Competitions & More

16 February 2017, 8:58 am EST By Ritwik Roy Mobile & Apps

There has been a twist in the tale for "Pokemon Sun and Moon" as The Pokemon Company has recently clarified that the much-hyped Mega Stones will be given specially to those players who miss out on one of the company's weekend competitions. Earlier reports had claimed that players would receive Mega Stones, not available in the game, if they participate in Online Competitions, first, scheduled to begin next week. The Pokemon Company has announced that players participating in certain online competitions will receive a code giving them early access to Mega Stones.

According to WWG, these Mega Stones will be distributed to all the players a few months later through a different code. Other Stones will be distributed at once to all players, this time, through a special code. Players who want early access to Mega Stones have to register and compete in the upcoming weekend International Challenge Online Competition. It will be a Double Battle competition concerning only native Alola Pokemon. The Pokemon Company has plans to distribute "Pokemon Sun and Moon" Mega Stones throughout spring and summer 2017.

According to Video Games Republic, The Pokemon Company will start with Beedrillite and Mawilite. A Mawilite allows Mawile to Mega Evolve into Mega Mawile during battle. The Pokemon is generally found in caves and traps foes by making them underestimate it through its non-threatening appearance. When in battle, Mawile turns its back to its enemies to use its huge jaws better. The "Pokemon Sun and Moon" Beedrillite Mega Stone helps the Beedrill transform into a Mega Beedrill and can be obtained in Sea Mauville. Beedrill collectively attacks with full force and is aggressive.

Only a limited number of players will get the code ahead of a one to two month wait period. Moreover, the codes will be sent through various online postings and events. Stay tuned on Mobile & Apps for more updates on "Pokemon Sun and Moon."

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