Is The Latest ‘Pokemon GO’ Update Big Enough To Go Against ‘Clash Royale’ & ‘Game of War: Fire Age?’

17 February 2017, 7:54 am EST By Ritwik Roy Mobile & Apps

"Pokemon GO" is releasing a new batch of monsters into the wild and Niantic hopes to reignite the madness that turned this AR game into a sensation of sorts. Niantic has released over 80 more Pokemon and new features in a major update to the app. Hordes of users are logging in to their beloved app and Niantic is busy addressing latency issues. The 80 new Pokemon will start appearing in the wild in the next few days and players are expected to throng the streets yet again with regained enthusiasm.

According to, the new "Pokemon GO" update has also brought with it the berries, Pinap and Nanab. The first one boosts a trainer's reward after a successful catch whereas the latter slows down Pokemon making it easier for players to catch them. Moreover, the update has also brought with it certain changes Pokemon react. A special range of digital clothing has also been released for the trainer's digital avatar. It seems Niantic is pretty serious about wooing back its lost player base and keeping existing players fully engaged.

"Pokemon GO" has reportedly generated $1.3 billion in revenue but it has had a rapid drop off in players after the initial excitement wore off. By mid-September 2016, daily revenues dropped from $20 million to $2 million and daily downloads from 27 million to 700,000. With the latest update, Niantic looks to reignite the viral gaming phenomenon. It will be interesting to see whether this infusion of new monsters will provide a fresh lease of life to the app. Forbes notes that many long-awaited features are still missing.

"Pokemon GO" needs to replace its sometimes confusing battles with a new updates combat system. Moreover, PvP battles and trading are still missing. The game has to face insanely competitive games such as "Clash Royale" and "Game of War: Fire Age."

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