‘For Honor’ News & Update: How Important Is Parrying In The Game? Pushing & Special Moves Discussed Too

17 February 2017, 11:00 am EST By Ritwik Roy Mobile & Apps

If the latest "For Honor" reviews are to be believed, it's a tough game and amazingly precise. The game rewards players who possess quick and smart decision-making capabilities and have their reflexes honed. It's a medieval brawler that punishes randomness with death. Players are taking a long time to get accustomed to the functions and controls. The learning curve is pretty steep and there are lots of systems players are not familiar with. The tutorial helps but is not enough to master the skills.

According to Forbes, there are three basic things "For Honor" players must keep in mind before engaging in any one-to-one combat. As stated by Dave Thier, parrying is an extremely important aspect of the game that will help players find success in the game. While players naturally tend to block, parrying is a huge advantage once players get it right. It's pretty difficult to parry as getting it wrong means the player has to take damage from any attack coming his way. Moreover, the opponents will have various attacks and damage and combat style.

"For Honor" players have to master parrying to go to the next level. Players, in order to parry, first have to guard themselves from whichever way the attack is coming from. They need to wait for the attack to come by observing the little arrow turn red. The arrow starts to flash whenever the opponent is about to strike. This is when players need to go all out and attack. It will not only interrupt the opponent's attack but also throw them off-guard, making it easier for the player to deliver his blows.

Secondly, "For Honor" players must try and get their opponents off the edge of the cliff. A guard break, quickly followed by a square press, sends opponents backwards. If there's a cliff, the enemy falls. Thus, players have to cleverly maneuver their opponents to such a spot where a simple push will win them the fight. Thirdly, every character has special moves. Thus, players need to pick a character and learn the special moves.

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