Apple MacBook Pro 2016 Problems: Owners Reporting About A ‘Popping’ Sound [VIDEO]; Is This Connected To The Device's Touch Bar?

14 April 2017, 6:45 am EDT By Vinay Patel Mobile & Apps
Several MacBook Pro 2016 owners report hearing a popping sound that they compare to squeezing of a plastic bottle.  ( Stephen Lam/Getty Images )

The 2016 iteration of Apple MacBook Pro didn't quite sweep gadget freaks off their feet; in fact, the device has been subject to a lot of criticism since it hit the store shelves.

While some users kicked up a fuss about the lack of ports, several other demanded more RAM and better graphics. As if that weren't enough, the 2016 MacBook Pro's battery life and screen related issues made an appearance, but both were taken care of.

Just when Apple thought the dust has settled on the controversy-plagued machine's issues, reports about 2016 MacBook Pro buyers facing one other issue are pouring in from all corners. This time, owners of the ill-fated MacBook Pro are complaining about a "popping sound" when they use their notebook.

MacBook Pro owners took to Apple's official Support forums, as well as Apple-tracking site MacRumors to report that their MacBook Pro models from last year make noises that sound like someone crushing a plastic bottle. Other users have simply complained about hearing a "popping" or a "creaking" noise.

The exact reason behind these sounds are still unknown, and it's also worth noting that despite a considerable number of people reporting the problem in the forums, they don't necessarily represent the entire MacBook Pro user base. In other words, there are MacBook Pro users who haven't reported this problem yet.

Interestingly, the users complaining of the popping sound on the forum all claim they own MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, though, they've not bought the machine at the same time and neither do their computers carry same manufacturing dates. Could the device's newfangled Touch Bar be the cause of this newly surfaced problem?

MacBook Pro 2016 With The Touch Bar

Back in October, Apple unveiled its MacBook Pro outfitted with a Touch Bar that sits right above the keyboard, showing information based on a set of circumstances. Using their fingers, MacBook Pro owners could interact with a slew of functions listed on the Touch Bar. The Cupertino-based tech titan even publicized the feature as the next big step in the company's computing development. Taking that into consideration, it seems highly unlikely that the Touch Bar has anything to do with the popping sound.

Besides, MacBook Pro owners, whose statements of opinion were earlier posted on by Apple-tracking site 9to5Mac (via Fortune) also, allude to other reasons for the popping sound. While some users claim the popping sound happens randomly without any clear reasons, others say the sound seems to appear every time the notebook is working doggedly on a resource-intensive task. Nevertheless, the computer seems to work without any sort of other backbreaking problem.

Different Apple Support representatives have come out with a bunch of possible fixes and have also confirmed that it is not a known issue that has a standard resolution. While several MacBook Pro owners continue to report the popping sound, there's no word regarding exactly why, and how to handle the problem.

Do you think the popping sound is related to the Touch Bar on the 2016 MacBook Pro? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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