Sony Giving Away Free Hollywood Styled Content To Anyone Who Purchases Its $25,000 4K TV

22 November 2012, 9:40 am EST By Vamien McKalin Mobile & Apps

Not everyone is privileged enough to afford a Sony 4K television, which costs a whopping $25,000. This television offering from Sony is huge and the display is an 84-inch LED giant, with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels.

The lack of any 4K content right now and the price of this Sony TV are its major drawbacks and, therefore, Sony is aiming to entice potential buyers with some free goodies. On several occasions, buyers are lured into purchasing if free goodies are thrown in, not caring if these goodies are not worth the money they are shelling out.

However, Sony claims that the 4K content that will be pre-loaded with each of its $25,000 4K Ultra HD television will not be some lame demo or a bunch of videos displaying cats with surreal Ultra HD cute dreamy eyes. Instead, Sony plans to throw in some real 4K content, expect Hollywood production type content here and nothing silly.

"As an extra bonus, included free with the purchase will be the world's first 4K Ultra HD delivery solution, complete with pre-loaded, native 4K entertainment. Not some goofy 4K content shot as a demo. I'm talking full length feature Hollywood productions, and available exclusively to purchasers of Sony's 84" 4K Ultra HD TV," says the Sony Blog

Sony didn't specify the names of the content buyers should expect to get; however, since the company is big in the movie business, a strong possibility exists that the content would be movies. It is speculated that "The Amazing Spiderman" may be among the free 4K content as Sony has a penchant for promoting its products with Spiderman Movies.

Would you think of picking up one of Sony's 84-inch 4K televisions that cost $25,000? 

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