Presenting DoorBot: The Wireless Doorbell That Lets You See Visitors On Your Smartphone

8 December 2012, 12:36 pm EST By Alexandra Burlacu Mobile & Apps

DoorBot aims to eliminate the mystery of who's ringing one's doorbell, sending live video of the person at the door to the owner's smartphone or tablet.

The high-tech, Wi-Fi-enabled gadget features a built-in camera with infrared for nighttime support. Basically, the doorbell captures live video of whoever is at the door, and sends a notification to the owner's device. From there, the owner can choose to display the video feed on the app, and can even grant access remotely.

DoorBot also acts like an intercom, allowing the home owner not only to see who presses the doorbell button, but also to communicate with said person. The doorbell takes just a few minutes to set up, and can be accessed via the free DoorBot app. Moreover, the gadget is also fully compatible with Lockitron, which enables users to let people inside their home remotely.

"Communicate with delivery people as though you were right there. Let them know it's okay to leave the package at the front door. Or, tell the food delivery person to hold tight - you'll be home in a minute," reads the product description.

"Never miss another visitor. Whether it's a neighbor stopping by to drop something off, or a friend who happened to be in the area - you'll always know. Give the illusion you're home; you might decide it's best that an unknown visitor doesn't realize that your home is vacant. Never again worry about who may, or may not be there. Leave your home with the peace of mind that your doorstep is right by your side."

DoorBot sports a perforated brushed aluminum faceplate, and its internal and external components are designed to withstand the elements. The camera captures quality video during both daytime and nighttime, and adjusts to the viewer's preference.

Basically, DoorBot is quite a straightforward concept, and it doesn't require any complex electrical wiring - just attach it to the wall next to the door. It operates on four AA batteries, which should last for roughly one year of usage. After connecting the unit to the home wireless network and setting it up, one simply needs to install a free app on their iOS or Android device and they're good to go. Bye-bye, annoying Jehovah's Witness, and welcome, long-awaited pizza guy!

DoorBot is looking to raise $250,000 through Christie Street, a Kickstarter-like crowdsourcing platform. At the time of writing, the project has raised $22,690, and has 43 days left to reach its goal. For a $169 pledge, backers will get the DoorBot gadget, while a pledge of $319 will bring the DoorBot with Lockitron. The company behind the project, Edison Jr., will show off an active prototype of DoorBot at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2013.

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