Samsung Rumored To Launch 110-inch 4K LED TV At CES 2013

18 December 2012, 7:50 pm EST By Khurram Aziz Mobile & Apps

South Korean technology giant Samsung is set to launch its biggest TV set ever, a full 110-inches, according to reports.

Korean site MK News says officials have told it that the ultra-high definition (UHD) TV will be unveiled at CES 2013 in Las Vegas next month.

"At the next year's CES to be open on January 8 in Las Vegas, the US, Samsung will have its 110-inch UHD TV on display," MK News quotes a Samsung official as saying. "Not to mention ultra-sized screen, our UHD TV will boast the best-ever definition and design that you haven't experienced before."

If the rumors are true, then the TV set will be a full 35 inches bigger than Samsung's current top-end offering of 75 inches, which became commercially available in July. However, the current size-record for commercially available TV screen goes to LG for its 84-inch set.These sets are known as 4K LED screens - because they offer four times the resolution of current 1080p HD TV screens. Samsung's TV set is said to be a whopping 3840 x 2160 pixels.

Another brand, U.S.-based Westinghouse, has also promised to showcase a 110-inch set at CES 2013, as one of the two largest 4K LED televisions in the world.

These UHD TVs, along with OLED (organic light emitting diode) TVs, will be emerging as one of next generation of TV models. However, OLED's remain rare for large screen displays and are being commercialized for smaller devices such as smartphones and tablets.

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