Xbox 720, PlayStation 4 To Run AMD HD 8000M GPU?

22 December 2012, 2:09 pm EST By Prarthito Maity email: Mobile & Apps

Both the Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 are easily the most rumored gaming consoles at the moment with new information or leaks appearing almost every day. Now, per reports, it appears that both the consoles may arrive with AMD HD 8000M GPUs.

This may be considered as one of the most interesting rumors as well as the most logical one, considering a recently released slide from AMD that has brought a few questions in mind, with reports not waiting too long to link them with the rumored consoles.

The new information was revealed by a report from Gamechup that also mentioned that the Xbox 720 or “Xbox 3” is in the beta stage now, which is based on the deleted tweets of SuperDAE, the guy who leaked the Durango dev kit earlier. However, that may also be a speculation at this juncture until some official report arrives.

The AMD HD 8000M is a mobile chip and reports of it being implemented on a console appearing in the forefront could come as a surprise to many. However, on the flipside, the chip has a higher performance than the GPUs in current gen consoles.

“Since power efficiency will be the main target for console manufacturers like Microsoft and Sony, this seems to make the most sense because, a fully-fledge desktop GPU which has been modified to fit the consoles will still draw a significant amount of power and generate heat,” the Gamechup report adds. “The power budget should be maximum 300W, like the original PS3 model, however, considering the Wii U has a minuscule power draw, it looks like the other platform holders could be targeting this chip.”

However, at the moment any information related to the new consoles will be considered as mere speculation, and this will continue until a solid official report regarding the development of the consoles arrive. Meanwhile, those interested can check out the AMD slides here.

This is a new development to the next-gen console story after it was reported by Bloomberg back in November that Xbox 720 has been planned for Thanksgiving and Christmas sales. However, Microsoft was unavailable for any comment at the time.

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