PlayStation 4 Won't Sell As Well As Expected: Ex-Sony Employee

25 December 2012, 11:18 am EST By Prarthito Maity email: Mobile & Apps

An ex-Sony employee said he believes that PlayStation 4, the new gaming console from Sony won't do as well as expected, in terms of sales.

The ex-Sony employee recently posted in a Glassdoor review of the company that he doesn't think Sony's next-gen system, codenamed Orbis, will do very well, because it is aimed at the casual gaming market. "I don't have a lot of confidence that Orbis will sell well as I don't see it selling to the casual audience. They simply don't need it. The company is quickly losing support of their 3rd Party Publishers," he warned.

The person, who is a former senior manager in Foster City, California, also pointed out all the failures by Sony. "PS Move, 3D and PS Vita are all failures. PS Mobile will be the next failure," he said.

However, the ex-Sony employee was waxing eloquent about the company: "Great product, friendly co-workers, fun industry. I loved work here at PlayStation, mostly because of the industry. I learned a lot of what NOT to do."

The ex-Sony employee also had some advice for the company's senior management, which is: "Improve marketing and focus on your core gamer. Repair the relationship with 3rd Party Publishers. Stop investing in low margin areas where you can't compete, like casual games. Focus on the core gamer. That is your market!"

"Take with grain of salt obviously, but this SCEA Glassdoor review seems to intimate Sony wants a casual push with Orbis,” Kotaku columnist Superannuation tweeted.

The PS4 was in news earlier this year when Kotaku reported that several photos of the Orbis were available for a short while, before they completely disappeared.

“The photos depict several people moving around in front of some sort of Kinect-like motion-sensing device that rests on top of a television. One person is using what appears to be an iPhone or iPod to control music that may be linked to the game system as well,” Kotaku added.

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