LG Preparing 100-inch, 1080p 'Hecto' Laser TV Projector For CES 2013

27 December 2012, 8:01 pm EST By Alexandra Burlacu email: a.burlacu@mobilenapps.com Mobile & Apps

LG has been making several interesting announcements over the past few days, and now the company has announced a 100-inch Laser TV for CES 2013.

The 100-inch "Hecto" Laser TV is more of a projector than an actual television, but it stands out from other projection units currently available on the market. LG's new laser projection TV can display images in Full HD 1080p resolution, and it can project a 100-inch image from 22 inches away. According to LG, the Hecto can be mounted either on the floor or on the ceiling, and has great functionality in any room.

"LG's100-inch class Laser TV takes projection technology and makes it perfectly suitable for both the boardroom and the living room," touted LG President and CEO Havis Kwon in the press release. "In the coming year, LG will continue to introduce TV products to provide an outstanding productivity and entertainment experience for our customers."

Users should be able to enjoy the Hecto Laser TV as an all-in-one home theater setup. The new projection unit sports a digital tuner and built-in 10-watt speakers, three HDMI inputs, and an RS-232 port. LG is also offering a screen with the Hecto Laser TV projector. The unit also ships with Smart TV functionality thanks to LG's new Magic Remote, announced last week.

These Smart TVs use Wi-Fi networks to connect to LG's Smart World app store, or content providers such as Netflix and YouTube. Meanwhile, users can also manage their own photos and videos via the USB drive or LG's Cloud offering. LG's Smart TVs also ship with Miracast, an AirPlay competitor, to stream content directly to the TV.

LG further bragged about the "dynamic Arc Design" and the pleasing aesthetics of its products, noting that the design of the included Cinema Screen "makes it suitable for any interior décor."

According to LG, the laser-based illumination system in the Hecto Laser TV uses "specialized lamps" to deliver "superior picture quality." The company also claims a total runtime of up to 25,000 hours without replacement, which is five times longer than mercury-based lamps.

While the company did not offer any other specifics such as pricing or availability, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2013 is right around the corner (Jan. 8 - 11). Stay tuned for more details.

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