Eco X Terra Waterproof Boombox Now $50 On Amazon

31 December 2012, 2:34 pm EST By Alexandra Burlacu email: Mobile & Apps

Amazon has a new deal for those seeking a waterproof device to play their phone's music library: a $100 discount for the ECO X Terra Boombox.

Grace Digital's orange version of the ECO X Terra waterproof Boombox is now available for $50 shipped, which means a $100 rebate off the original price.

Moreover, Amazon is shipping this item for free with Super Saver Shipping. The ECO X Terra claims to be fully waterproof, not just water resistant, allowing users to enjoy their music even in the rain, at the beach, or under the shower.

All users need to do to enjoy their music on the ECO X Terra is place their iPhone or Android phone (or "any mp3 player") into the central compartment. According to Grace Digital, the boombox' central compartment can accommodate even the "largest Android phone" with case, as well as credit cards, keys, and other such things.

The ECO X Terra boombox can run either on its AC adapter, or four "C" batteries, and battery life will last for 25 hours or more.

"The Eco Terra is not only Waterproof and rugged but is convenient to carry and store as well," reads the product description on Amazon. "There is a built in retractable handle, carry strap as well as 2 carabineers to use in any of the 4 strapping points."

The gadget comes with dual waterproof speakers, but users can also enjoy their music privately by plugging in any earbuds or headphones into the headset jack. The headset jack is waterproof as well, and the product description highlights the fact that Eco Terra can even float.

On the other hand, regardless of how appealing the product description seems, Grace Digital's boombox has had quite some mixed reviews. While some users loved it, others were left disappointed by the gadget. So potential buyers should make sure they make an informed decision before purchasing the ECO X Terra.

A $100 discount on a waterproof boombox is a notable deal, especially if the resulting price amounts to $47.94. As previously mentioned, this discount is only available for the orange version of the boombox. The black ECO X Terra Boombox still sells for $147.95.

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