Sony Event Invite Hints At PlayStation 4 (PS4) Release

5 January 2013, 8:22 am EST By Anu Passary email: Mobile & Apps

The wait for the much-touted next-generation console from Sony, PlayStation 4 or PS4, it seems is finally going to be over. Per reports, the Japanese company has sent out press invites for an event that will be held in February this year - the invitation hints at the PS4 release.

The event, dubbed "Destination PlayStation", will be a three-day extravaganza and will start on Feb. 25 and end on Feb. 28. The event will be held in Scottsdale, Arizona.

"This week the event known as Destination PlayStation (2013) has been confirmed in an invitation to the press (and retail executives, of course) with promise of more 2013 action than the game-loving public can handle," reported Slash Gear.

The Destination PlayStation event is primarily aimed at showing off games, but per report, the attendees will also be "treated to food, drink, play, and a first look at all the amazing new releases coming from Sony Computer Entertainment America Entertainment in 2013."

The "first look" at the "amazing new releases" from Sony could be a hint that the company will announce the next-gen PlayStation gaming console at the event. Judging by the past release trends from Sony, the company would likely just announce the console now and schedule it for a public release in 2014.

Rumors and speculations have been rife that Sony would release its PS4 in 2013. Back in May 2011, the company's CFO Masaru Kato had let on that the development work for PS4 was underway.

"For the future platform - when we'll be introducing what product I cannot discuss that - but our development work is already under way," noted Kato at the time.

Recently, Activision's CEO Bobby Kotick spilt the beans that a new console that would challenge the Wii U was in the works, hinting that either the PS4 or Xbox 720 was gearing up for a 2013 release.

"We can't really talk too much about next generation console plans, but I think it's safe to say you have a Wii U coming out and there will be another new console coming and we expect that they'll be very successful," said Kotick.

What's more, Sony recently stopped the production of PS2 in Japan, which many see as an indication that the company is on course to launch the PS4 soon.

With the Sony event scheduled for next month, February will surely pack in plenty of excitement. Whether the event finally marks the arrival of the PS4 and Sony pips Microsoft to the post remains to be seen.

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