CES 2013: Personal Emergency Response System Technology Sees More Innovations

7 January 2013, 8:13 am EST By Shailesh Shrivastava email: s.shrivastava@mobilenapps.com Mobile & Apps

Many people, mostly youngsters, are eagerly waiting to get the latest updates about new gadgets to be unveiled at the 2013 International CES (or CES 2013) in order to make their lives easier. At the same time, one of the biggest technology exhibition, CES, will bring some happy news for elderly people too.

Keeping the data available with the US Department of Health and Human Services, which shows that falls account for 70 per cent of accidental deaths in the elderly population MobileHelp is going to launch two of its products based on wireless personal emergency response system.

The company, which deals with Mobile-Personal Emergency Response System technology (M-PERS), has developed two products - myHalo and Cellular Base Station.

Both the products will be launched at the CES in Las Vegas.

MyHalo is a lightweight, waterproof pendant with auto fall detect that triggers an emergency call on a connect device or home base station in case of a fall accident.

The device contains tiny sensors capable of measuring user orientation and three-dimensional motion. If the user falls and is incapacitated, immobilized or unconscious, the pendant will detect the sudden fall and send a signal to MobileHelp's emergency response center.

"Seniors who fall can't always reach a panic button, but this new feature means they don't have to; we foresee this innovative technology resulting in a greater likelihood of saving lives," said Chris Otto, Vice President of Product Development.

The second product to be unveiled is the MobileHelp Cellular Base Station. Operating on AT&T's nationwide cellular network, the cellular base station is an easy to install system. Simply plug in the power cord and it provides the flexibility of a wireless device with the convenience and capability of a PERS system.

A single press of the button immediately sends an alarm to a 24-hour staffed emergency call center where an operator will have instant access to the user's basic medical history and emergency contacts.

The Cellular Base Station will work as an integrated system with MobileHelp's pendant and wrist button, as well as the new myHalo Auto Fall Detect Pendant. This will be the first medical alert system with fall detection available to users with no landline phone.

"The myHalo pendant and Cellular Base Station are designed to give our clients extra protection and freedom and their caregivers even more peace of mind," said Robert Flippo, MobileHelp President and CEO.

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