CES 2013: Samsung's Gesture-Control TVs Prove Revolutionary

8 January 2013, 7:14 am EST By Prarthito Maity email: p.maity@mobilenapps.com Mobile & Apps

Samsung kicks off its CES this year in a grand manner with the announcement of several amazing products, especially the TVs that proved to be such a revolution as far as next gen technology is concerned.

Reportedly, the new TVs from Samsung have abandoned the traditional list of channels, which users are so much used to, for a chain of live screens and voice or gesture control. More specifically, the new TVs from Samsung will recognize an expanded range of gestures so people can swipe through on-screen menus in a way that revolutionizes the old remote control method.

The company, only recently, made a series of announcements at the CES 2013, including the largest ultra-high definition TV, at 106", and the new F8000 flagship set. However, fundamental to all its different TV announcements, was an entirely new interface that will swap the conventional 'electronic programme guide' (or channel list) with as many as five screens that puts internet connectivity at the center of the idea behind all these televisions. This will also be the first thing that users see when they turn on their Samsung TV for the first time.

Samsung, on Monday, said that the new interface will be a feature of upcoming smart TVs. Moreover, certain high-end Samsung smart TVs sold since last year can also be upgraded with an add-on kit (complete with the required quad-core processor) that will be sold separately for a few hundred dollars.

Samsung President Boo-Keun Yoon revealed that the new features have been brought into the forefront as a response to the increased choices consumers have in what they watch.

"We have developed TVs that respond to people's needs and lifestyles, TVs that know in advance what people want to watch, TVs that have the power to create the ultimate lean-back experience," Yoon said.

Samsung's new 'S-Recommendation' tools have also been introduced to provide better suggestions, Samsung claimed. Yoon said: "The content market is accelerating; people need easier simpler ways to find and enjoy what's important to them."

"Other new features announced included the use of more natural language to control TV. In a demonstration, a user asked his TV, 'Anything good on today?' Other options included asking 'Is there Premiere League on today?' Options could be chosen by saying, for instance, 'Select the first one'," The Telegraph states.

Samsung is not the only company that's demonstrating the revolutionary new interface to everyday TV, with both LG and Panasonic also offering similar deals. It is yet to see as to how far this new technology from all these companies goes in terms of user satisfaction, although the signs look pretty bright at the moment.

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