Xbox 720 Dev Kit Specs Leaked By Ex-Ubisoft Employee: 8 Core CPU, AMD 88XX GPU, 8GB RAM, 640GB Hard Drive

10 January 2013, 10:07 am EST By Vamien McKalin email: Mobile & Apps

E3 2013 is just five months away and as expected, rumors of the Xbox 720 specifications are beginning to surface more frequently. The latest rumor comes all the way from China and if true, the next Xbox could be a force to be reckoned with.

Seeing so many rumors of the Xbox 720 popping up over the last six months is not surprising since gamers are well aware that the end is near for the Xbox 360. With Nintendo making the first move and already showing progress with over 2 million consoles sold, since the console went on sale in 2012, Microsoft has no choice but to answer in 2013.

The latest Xbox 720 rumor comes from a Chinese discussion board where a person, who claims to be an ex-Ubisoft employee, spilled the beans on what the developer kit is set to pack inside. The specs he detailed are in line with some of the rumors that were leaked back in 2012, so there could be a little bit of truth to all this, or this so-called ex-Ubisoft employee could be simply pulling a fast one.

The leaked Xbox 720 developer kit specs are as follows:

- Eight-core CPU

- 8GB of RAM

- AMD 88xx GPU

- Windows 8 Kernel specially OS

- 640GB Hard Drive

If this is spec sheet of the Xbox 720, then E3 2013 is going to be an impressive show come June 11.

Usually the developer kit has double the RAM of the version released to the public, so expect the consumer version of Xbox 720 to pack 4GB of RAM instead of 8GB. Furthermore, AMD's 88xx line of GPUs have not yet released, which means that the new Xbox could come packed with a next-generation GPU months before it is released for the PC market.

Let us know what you think about the above specs.

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