Samsung LED F8000 Smart TV With S Recommendation Aims To Revolutionize Living Room Entertainment

13 January 2013, 11:19 am EST By Anu Passary email: Mobile & Apps

Samsung, it seems, is not content with ruling the smartphone market alone, but is looking to extend its dominion in the TV space as well. The company recently unveiled its new flagship LED Smart TV, the F8000, at the CES 2013, and is looking to revolutionize living room entertainment with this new offering.

The LED F8000 Smart TV touts several new features and abilities and per the company, holds the distinction of being "the world's first Smart LED TV with a quad-core processor." The quad-core processor not only makes the device three times faster than the 2012 models, but also ensures that consumers can swap between apps, online services, and on-air TV seamlessly and swiftly.

The LED F8000 also boasts of a bezel that is less than a quarter of an inch and flaunts a wave-inspired design, making it seem as if the TV "floats in the air."

Additionally, the F8000 packs in Samsung's easy-to-navigate Smart Hub that uses five different panels, and lets users "manage and navigate different types of content, which are displayed as thumbnail images for the first time so it's even easier to select and watch the content on the big screen." What's more, the Smart Hub can be navigated with hand gestures!

Hankering for more? Yet another innovative feature that is bound to go down well with consumers is the S Recommendation feature. This advanced technology employed by Samsung in the F8000 Smart LED TV makes the device "almost human." The S Recommendation feature is like a TV version of Siri and lets users search for TV shows, apps, on-demand content, and more via voice commands.

The content suggestion system the S Recommendation feature packs in caters to individual preferences, making for a personalized TV viewing experience. No more wasted hours looking for the elusive remote control or hunting down channels, just speak to the TV and voila!

If you thought that this was a lot to take in, wait, there's more as the F8000 also supports Internet browsing. Samsung also claims that the F8000 packs in "more vibrant and richer colors, higher contrasts and a brighter picture quality than ever before," which means sharper images that make for a fantastic home entertainment experience.

The F8000 will be available in five screen sizes: 46 inches, 55 inches, 60 inches, 65 inches, and 75 inches. Samsung hasn't announced the pricing and release date yet, but interested consumers can pre-register here to get updates on when the F8000 Smart LED TV will hit the shelves.

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