iPotty: Do Toddlers Really Need iPads For Potty Training?

13 January 2013, 2:32 pm EST By Alexandra Burlacu email: a.burlacu@mobilenapps.com Mobile & Apps

It's no secret that kids nowadays are far more tech-savvy than adults, but one gadget may take things too far: iPotty.

Sure, many adults use their smartphones or even tablets to pass the time while in the john, but does a toddler really need a tablet? The iPotty was one of the weirdest products on display at this year's International CES, as it is designed for kids who are yet to master the art of going to the potty.

At the base, the iPotty looks just like a traditional tool for potty training: it has a removable bowl, seat, and a pee-guard for boys. At the front, however, the gadget takes things to the next level: it has a built-in stand specifically designed to hold a high-end iPad.

The iPotty aims to help kids learn how to use the potty by keeping them entertained. The basic idea is that kids would be more patient and would sit for longer on the potty if they are entertained. With iPotty, they can watch cartoons or play Angry Birds, for instance, while waiting for nature's call.

The stand can rotate between vertical and horizontal views, and it can adjust to three positions. According to the gadget's makers, the iPotty can be used "for entertainment" or for potty training, and  is suitable for children aged between six months and three years. In terms of safety (the iPad's safety, not the kid's), a removable screen guard aims to protect the device from whatever the little one may drool, spit, or throw.

No specifically designed apps are available for the iPotty yet, but New York-based manufacturer CTA Digital plans to develop some apps in the future. In addition, the Apple App Store has plenty of potty training apps, and a plethora of other apps can also help distract or entertain children while they sit on the potty.

"If you have a young child you understand that there are many demand on a parent," said company spokeswoman Lois Eiler, as cited by the BBC. "This is just another tool to help them"

CTA Digital further noted that the iPotty sports a seat cover, which means it can be used as a traditional seat as well. Moreover, parents who don't want others to know they're spoiling their kid with an iPad potty can completely remove the iPad stand and  keep just the potty for when visitors are present.

The iPotty is compatible with the iPad 2 and the third- and fourth-generation iPad, and is set to go on sale in March with a $40 price tag. Obviously, the iPad is not included.

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