Vizio 42-Inch 5.1 Home Theater Sound Bar Wins 'Best Of CES 2013' Award

17 January 2013, 9:17 am EST By Alexandra Burlacu email: Mobile & Apps

Vizio has announced a 42-inch 5.1 Home Theater Sound Bar this month, the company's latest addition to its range of speaker systems.

The TV market has seen tremendous changes and advancements and bezels are gradually becoming a faded memory. As built-in TV speakers seem to be no longer fitting, external options such as speaker systems and Sound Bars are increasingly gaining ground. Vizio wants to capitalize on this trend and its new gadget will start shipping this Spring for roughly $330.

The Vizio 42-inch 5.1 Home Theater Sound Bar can deliver 102dB of output with less than one percent Total Harmonic Distortion. It doesn't take Sound Bars to the next level and doesn't sport anything utterly fabulous and extraordinary, but it does raise the bar when compared to Vizio's previous offerings.

The new Sound Bar brings better connectivity, including Bluetooth, as well as a wireless subwoofer and a neat remote feature. Thanks to the Bluetooth support, users can stream audio directly for a Bluetooth-enabled device such as a tablet or a smartphone. In terms of audio, the Sound Bar packs two 2.5-inch drivers, while a 6-inch driver goes into the system's wire. These drivers, coupled with rear satellites, provide a quality audio experience, suitable for small to average-sized rooms.

Vizio's new Home Theater Sound Bar has also won the hearts of the folks over at CNET, who honored it with the Best of CES Award.

"We're very proud our 42" 5.1 Home Theater Sound Bar was named Best of CES 2013," said Vizio Vice President of Product Management John Schindler. "This product is engineered to elevate the consumer home theater experience to new heights at an unparalleled value. VIZIO's new slim, modern, size-matched design complements a range of HDTV sizes and are packed with technologies to amplify audio to match the visual experience consumers have grown to expect from their HDTVs."

Vizio is hoping to roll out an even larger, 54-inch version of the Sound Bar later this year, but the company has not yet given any information on pricing or worldwide availability for the larger model. Meanwhile, the 42-inch 5.1 Home Theater Sound Bar will hit stores in the Spring 2013.

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