PlayStation 4 Game Leaked By Ubisoft Developer CV

2 February 2013, 8:18 am EST By Prarthito Maity email: Mobile & Apps

The new PlayStation from Sony is yet to make an official mark, but leading game developing companies have already started taking a note of the new console and develop new supporting titles accordingly.

Per reports, a brand new and unnamed PlayStation 4-supported game has been leaked via the official online CV of an Ubisoft-based developer.

The new title has been listed currently as a "Confidential game" in the online CV of Sebastien Alzamora, the lead 3D artist at Ubisoft Annecy. Moreover, the new unconfirmed game is said to be in development for the current generation Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3 as well as the as the yet to be confirmed PlayStation 4.

"The CV is dated at 2011, however, which means two things: first, that the game has been in development as far back as two years ago. Secondly, that the information is at least that old and could, in theory, have been cancelled anyway," the NowGamer report states.

There's not much known about the new game apart from the fact that it will be supported on the upcoming PlayStation 4, and that the game entered production at Ubisoft Annecy back in 2011. However, since the news of the new title broke out, Alzamora's CV has been radically been removed to avoid any more controversies.

Now, to add more fuel to the ongoing speculation stating a brand new title, fellow Ubisoft Annecy developer Jerome Kedzierski, who is a Senior Level Artist, has also stated how he is currently spending time on an "Undisclosed Project" with a tempting tease of a description that states that this project is arriving "soon".

However, a new update to the story has also arrived stating that Lyon, France-based development studio Ivory Tower is working exclusively with Ubisoft on bringing the game to the market. The biggest bet here is that the new game could very well turn out to be a racing game, owing to the fact that the development studio was actually formed by former members of Eden Games which is known mostly for titles like 'Test Drive Unlimited' and 'VRally.'

As far as the new PlayStation is concerned, Sony is expected to hold its first major Playstation meeting in two years, where the Japanese consumer electronics giant could unveil the successor to its PS3 console.

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