PlayStation 4 Could Arrive With Cloud Streaming: May Cost Over $400

7 February 2013, 8:05 am EST By Prarthito Maity email: Mobile & Apps

PlayStation 4 is easily one of the highly rumored and heavily speculated upcoming gaming consoles to make rounds on the Internet with new information surfacing almost every day. Now there's more to follow up on for PS fans.

Per reports, the PlayStation 4 is expected to arrive this year with a starting price of over 40,000 yen, which is over $400.

With the PlayStation 4, supposedly, now two weeks away from an expected release or an announcement at an upcoming Sony event, the new pricing information of the console could add more to the ever growing story of a next generation console from Sony.

This is also the first clear sign fans have got on how much the new system might cost, while also suggesting that Sony won't be pricing the new console too massively as compared to the likes of the Wii U. this may also be because Sony doesn't want to commit the same mistakes the company did with the release of the previous PlayStation 3.

"For comparison, upon release in 2006 the PS3 cost around 60,000 yen in its more expensive configuration, and $599 in the US. Meanwhile, the cheapest PS3 now costs 24,980 yen in Japan versus $269 in the US. Were the PS4 to launch at 40,000 yen in Japan, we'd expect an American price point of around $400 or more," The Verge states.

Sony's game chief, Andrew House, is set to reveal the new features of the console at a PlayStation meeting in New York on Feb. 20, the major Japanese daily Asahi Shimbun reports. However, it is still not clear as to where this information was obtained from. A shock may be in the cards for all European players as there was no mention of Europe in the Asahi Shimbun report, and the European release could only happen later in 2014.

Reports have started flowing in stating that the next PlayStation's controller will see biometric support in the shape of a rear touchpad (similar to the one found on the new PlayStation Vita), and that this touchpad could also be of similar size to the current DualShock 3.

Another report by The Nikkei Business Daily states that the PS4 might include incorporation of Gaikai's cloud streaming service. This new detail sprung in accordance to the fact that Sony acquired the firm for $380 million in mid 2012.

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