Apple Hires OLED Expert to Work On Upcoming iTV Device

9 February 2013, 9:36 am EST By Vamien McKalin email: v.mckalin@mobilenapps.com Mobile & Apps

It has been reported many times that Apple is planning to launch a high -efinition television (HDTV) that is expected to revolutionize the market. This rumored iTV device is said to have an aluminum design and will feature Siri for hands-free control, and Facetime video calling functionality.

A recent report shows that Apple is indeed toying with the idea of releasing a television. According to a report from the OLED Association, Apple has hired a former researcher from LG Electronics, Dr. Lee Jeung-jil, who will be put in charge of researching OLED technologies. Jeung-jil is said to have more knowledge of OLED when compared to all of Apple's staff, which could be the main reason why Apple would require his services.

The big question here is this - why would Apple want to the services of an OLED expert? The answer to this could be the rumored Apple iTV device that has been rumored for nearly a year now. If such a device is indeed real, TV makers could be in for a surprise, especially if Apple manages to throw an iOS on this device and make it accessible to the plethora of applications in the App Store.

The possibilities could be endless with an Apple iTV device. However, it could also end up being super expensive compared to devices of a similar nature.

An Apple iTV would compete directly with similar devices using the Google TV interface. Since Google announced its own smart TV initiative, it has failed to garner any meaningful recognition, despite having big backers like Samsung and Sony. If Apple comes on board and gets it right, it would be a huge blow for Google.

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