PlayStation 4 Could Feature Dual 720P Cameras

12 February 2013, 7:38 am EST By Prarthito Maity email: Mobile & Apps

The next generation PlayStation from Sony, dubbed PlayStation 4, has been in news for quite a while now, and currently there is more information for fans to follow up on.

Per reports, the upcoming new PlayStation from Sony is said to arrive with a couple of 720p cameras connected to the new console. This, as believed by many, will be introduces as an answer to the growing popularity of Microsoft-made Kinect, available alongside the company's Xbox 360 gaming console.

The new PlayStation is already expected to arrive, or at least get announced, in a few days time when Sony, as promised, will be holding this event. It is also believed that the new console will be a powerhouse of enhanced graphics output as compared to the current generation PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

However, Sony is quite aware how its previous PlayStation Move didn't generate the expected popularity when first introduced, and now the company will be looking to launch a full-fledged Kinect competitor with its next generation console.

The current generation Playstation Eye option introduced for the PlayStation 3 is basically a single camera that is known to offer a resolution of 640×480 (60 FPS). The Xbox 360 Kinect, in comparison, per Extreme Tech, "offers a standard camera at 640×480 (30 FPS) and an IR camera running at 640×480 (30 FPS). The rumored hardware for the next PlayStation sports two 1280×720 cameras."

So if this indeed turns out to be true, "that means Sony will be able to judge distance and movement on the Z axis without directly cribbing from the Kinect's IR implementation."

It is being said that similar to the Kinect and the PlayStation Eye before it, the new peripheral from Sony will also arrive with an arrangement of microphones that will allow noise cancelation, alongside directional voice tracking.

With new groundbreaking work being done to increase user activity in the Siri-like natural voice recognition space, it may not come as a big surprise if Sony decides to place brand new voice commands significantly to counter any threat from a possibly next-gen Kinect from Microsoft.

"This rumor makes it clear that this isn't directly derivative of the Kinect technology, but it does come off as reactionary. The slapdash SIXAXIS controls for the PS3 were clearly a response to the Wii, and the Playstation Move was even farther down that path," the report adds. "Now, it seems like Sony is fighting the same kind of battle with Microsoft."

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