Alicia Keys, As BlackBerry Global Creative Director, Shoots Photos and Tweets From iPhone

12 February 2013, 4:17 pm EST By Jimmie Geddes email: Mobile & Apps

Alicia Keys was named global creative director of BlackBerry on Jan. 31 at the BlackBerry 10 event. Her responsibilities include using the BlackBerry Z10 exclusively to document her experiences while she's on a global tour and also work very closely with developers in creating BlackBerry 20 applications. She also professed her love for the "fly" BlackBerry 10 platform and reaffirmed her "long term relationship" with the company.

However, her platform of choice appears to be iOS, and less than two weeks into the "long term relationship, Keys was photographed backstage at the Grammys with two iPhones on her dressing room table, and no BlackBerry in sight. When she tweeted lyrics from a Drake song, her tweet came from an iPhone, not a BlackBerry Z10.

BlackBerry has a reputation of not executing plans very well and making Alicia Keys its global creative director  may be seen as another example. The company probably paid her millions to take the title, so you might think she would be a little more aware not to be seen with any other smartphone but a BlackBerry.

Even if she doesn't enjoy BlackBerry's "fly" platform as much as she did when she took the position, she should know that being photographed and tweeting on any other device but a BlackBerry doesn't look good for her role as global creative director of BlackBerry. It looks even worse for BlackBerry to choose a celebrity who clearly is not committed to its brand and would be so careless as to be photographed and send out a tweet from an iPhone. BlackBerry probably isn't happy about this news, but both company and celebrity probably deserve each other in their mutual cluelessness.

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